Identity Capital Partners (Pty) Limited (“Identity Partners”) is a Johannesburg-based black women-owned and managed investment firm co-founded by Sonja De Bruyn in 2008.

Our principal activities are include making proprietary investments and most recently fund management through Identity Fund Managers.

Identity Partners focuses its mining and resources activities through subsidiary, Identity Resources.
Similarly, Identity Partners focuses its advisory activities through associate company Identity Advisory.

All in all, the entire Identity Group has grown to over 20 highly skilled black professionals and 3 support staff across the three businesses.

Principal Activities

The principal  activities of the Group include:

  • making proprietary  investments (14 current investments and five exits)  through Identity Partners. Key sectors are those which are priority sectors for South Africa’s growth and where traditionally women have not played a leading role such as in infrastructure e.g. transport, rail, energy, and the food and agriculture spaces;
  • carrying out corporate finance advisory mandates in both the private and public sector through Identity Advisory (“IDA”);
  • investing in the mining and resources sector through Identity Resources (“IDR”) and
  • Most recently fund management services through Identity Fund Managers (“IFM”) with the strategic intent of growing Identity Fund Managers into a fully-fledged Black women owned and run Fund Manager managing various Alternative Investments such as Private Equity and Developmental/Impact Funds. IFM co-founded and previously held a 30% interest in IDF Capital, an entrepreneurial finance fund for high growth SME’s.

Identity Partners guiding philosophy:

  • We believe that the transformation journey in South Africa offers much opportunity for emerging entrepreneurs, established businesses, local and international companies
  • Our principal objective is to bring black women into the mainstream of the economy through Identity Partners’ equity participation in established businesses
  • Black women should also be involved in the businesses at Board, and Executive and Supervisory levels to add value and to ensure real empowerment. Their businesses should have access to procurement opportunities in the supply chain / procurement value chain of corporates
  • The overarching ethos is that Identity Partners seeks to be a facilitator of business opportunities for ourselves as investors, for others and for BEE businesses to further their aspirations and to access opportunities as professionals and as entrepreneurs within our sphere of influence